michaelparkesMichael Parkes M.S. is a Certified Ecologist and serves as the Chief Ecologist of Parkes Ecological LLC. The firm’s scope of services mirrors Michael’s expertise and interests including wetland ecology, wildlife ecology, and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). His specialties include preparing and executing permitting strategies, field study planning and reporting, regulatory and stakeholder management, and construction support. Michael has the rare ability to successfully balance complex projects with multiple drivers involving ecology, politics, economics, regulation, and numerous stakeholders. He has extensive experience supporting projects of various types and scales (e.g. remediation, linear development, municipal projects, residential, corporate, not-for-profit) and he takes pride in the delivery of the tailored support clients require to effectively obtain their objectives. His staff and collaborators believe in being “Trusted Advisors”, and “Field Ready” while providing “Smart Solutions”.