Ecological Evaluations and Broad-Spectrum Consulting

Most often, the projects we work on are large and complex.  These projects contain many elements that need to be appropriately and creatively balanced.  We understand how politics, economics, stakeholder involvement, and remediation can be drivers and influence the ecological elements of the project.  We offer services such as vegetation surveys, ecological planning assistance, Natural Resource Damages (NRD) consultation, expert witness services, stakeholder outreach and invasive species management plans.

Construction Support

Parkes Ecological can provide the support necessary to achieve your project goals.  We provide Environmental Monitors to ensure construction does not impact protected wildlife and plant species or wetlands.  We strive to understand project constraints in conjunction with environmental regulations to provide innovative solutions that protect sensitive species and habitats while allowing projects to be completed.  We also provide the post-construction monitoring and associated documentation often necessary to ensure your project remains fully compliant.

Wildlife Consulting

Our team of wildlife ecologists has the experience and expertise necessary to advise your team concerning wildlife regulations, will collect the field data necessary to adequately address species- specific questions, and then collaborate with you and the regulators to set a pathway toward successful project completion.  The services we offer include endangered/threatened species investigations and monitoring, habitat assessments, specimen collection for ecological risk assessment, and benthic-macroinvertebrate surveys.

Wetlands Consulting

Our team of wetland scientists provide a full suite of services associated with wetlands especially related to federal, state, and municipal requirements.  These services include presence/ absence surveys, delineations, wetland functional analysis, mitigation planning and permit preparation, and mitigation bank consultation. We are particularly adept at identifying site-specific opportunities and constraints to deliver options that are compliant, enhance ecological services, are cost effective, and positively contribute to project value.